Behind our brand

LeaRoo began as one of the many ideas that ran through my head while I awaited the birth of baby Leah, my third child, but first girl! I found myself browsing, shopping and ultimately ordering clothes and accessories online in anticipation of her arrival. It quickly became apparent to me that finding cute clothes was easy, but what arrived at my doorstep was often low quality fabric, accessories that didn’t make sense and nothing I would reorder, much less recommend to my friends.

This experience fueled the crazy idea of pursuing a tiny dream I had always held in my head… Why not work with my creativity and adventurous spirit to look for better materials, cuter designs and then combine them with functionality and good quality while making them trendy and unique. Ultimately, create a product I would WANT to share with all the moms out there.

After months of desperately waiting for my beautiful daughter, Leah Marie was born in January of 2019; that’s when I finally decided to pursue this dream and turn it into a reality.

Who is LeaRoo?

I am Cynthia, a mother of three- two boys and Leah! I love to talk, make new friends, travel, ask (too many) questions and learn new things! At the age of 26 I earned my California Contractors License, and broke into the intimidating world of construction; in order to help my husband pursue his dream. Together, in the past 10 years, we have grown that dream into a very successful 30+ employee construction company.

All the while, I dreamed about building something of my own, to share with my beautiful children, to show them how to be passionate about whatever they love to do, to work hard towards their dreams and to know that it is never too late to pursue them! With LeaRoo finally launched, my heart is full and I am very blessed and thankful to be an example for my children… and to be able to keep your adorable little ones stylishly dressed.

What to expect from LeaRoo

Our goal at LeaRoo is to exceed our customer’s expectations by creating functional, fashionable, and limited edition products using high quality fabrics. Each and every item goes through a detailed quality control process to assure your complete satisfaction. Most importantly to make sure all the ROOS feel comfortable and look adorable wherever they go. Behind LeaRoo is a team of professional designers, seamstresses, pattern artists, logistic managers, social media and business minds that work rigorously to bring a premium infant and toddler line into your home. Thank you for being our customer and for believing in our project!


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